The Vitamin D Deception

with Daniel Roytas



Duration: 1.5 hours (60 mins webinar + 30 mins Q & A)

CPE points: 1.5

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Webinar Information


The Vitamin D Deception


Despite living on the sunniest continent on Earth, 25% of all Australians are thought to be vitamin D deficient. Rather than acquiring vitamin D from sensible amounts of sun exposure to maintain optimal levels of vitamin D, it seems the Australian public have turned towards supplementation instead. Emerging scientific evidence suggests that it is not vitamin D itself which positively impacts human health, but rather it is the direct effects of exposure to light from the sun. Numerous studies are now suggesting that sun exposure provides numerous positive effects on human health above and beyond that of vitamin D alone.

This webinar aims to answer the following;

  • Is our understanding of vitamin D and it’s purported beneficial health effects correct?
  • Should we be getting vitamin D from the sun rather than supplements?
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and sun avoidance…Is our fear of the sun rational?
  • How can we incorporate the emerging science of heliotherapy and phototherapy into clinical practice?
  • How can we support our patient's own innate capacity to protect them against sun damage?

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Daniel Roytas MHSc (Nutrition), BHSc (Naturopathy), Dip. RM, MANTA.

Daniel is a naturopath, nutritionist and physical therapist with over 10 years clinical experience. He has lectured at many of Australia's leading natural medicine colleges and Universities and is currently the senior lecturer of nutritional medicine at a leading educational institute. He has authored several chapters in a number of textbooks on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and delivered webinars and face to face lecturers on interpreting blood tests and clinical examination for over 5 years. Daniel is passionate about helping clinicians improve their knowledge so that they can get optimal outcomes for their clients.