Terrain Theory

with Daniel Roytas


Duration: 2 hours (90 mins webinar + 30 mins Q & A)

CPE points: 2

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Terrain Theory


Imagine you have a pet fish and it gets sick. What are you going to do? Change the water, or medicate the fish?

What if you had a rose garden and they get black spot? What are you going to do? Spray the roses with fungicide, or rectify the nutrient deficiencies in the soil?

In both of these hypothetical scenarios, we didn’t treat the fish, or the rose directly. Instead, we optimized the environment, the terrain.

Healthy water, healthy fish. Healthy soil, healthy rose. It’s the same with the human body. When our terrain is healthy, so are we.

Now the terrain is arguably the most important, fundamental underlying principle of naturopathy. It forms the basis of everything we do, it’s the very reason why naturopathy is such a potent and effective healing modality. We are literally harnessing the healing power of nature.

Unfortunately, despite its importance, the terrain is a concept which is poorly understood and often completely overlooked by many clinicians. Most clinicians I speak to think the terrain is our microbiome, but in fact, it’s much much more than that.

Over the last 18 months, I have spent hundreds of hours tirelessly researching the terrain theory. During this time, I have read close to 1000 journal articles and countless books, and I have spoken with naturopaths and medical doctors from all across the world, in order to gain a more in-depth understanding in to this fascinating topic.

Now I’m going to be completely up front with you. The information I am going to present in this webinar is likely to challenge everything you thought you knew about health and disease. It is recommended that you attend this webinar with an open mind. What you learn might change the way you look at the human body forever.

Okay, so what’s going to be covered in this webinar?

The primary focus will be around the terrain. What it is, the anatomy and physiology behind it, its importance on human health and various therapeutic strategies that can be used to optimize it.

We’ll be taking a look at the history of terrain theory and discuss who really had their finger on the pulse, Antoine Bechamp or Louis Pasteur?

We’ll explore the current scientific evidence for both the germ and terrain theory of disease, and why our understanding of the immune system may be in dire need of re-evaluation. This will include a critique of the basic principles around immunology and virology.

I’ll explain why germs may actually be the response to disease and not the cause of it.

I’ll discuss what really makes us sick and why our current understanding about disease may be incorrect.

A range of other important topics that are directly related to the terrain will also be discussed including homeostasis, allostasis and how naturopathic philosophy is inextricably linked to the terrain.

This is a recording of a live webinar presentation. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

Daniel Roytas MHSc (Nutrition), BHSc (Naturopathy), Dip. RM.

Daniel is a naturopath, nutritionist and physical therapist with over 10 years clinical experience. He has lectured at many of Australia's leading natural medicine colleges and Universities and is currently the senior lecturer of nutritional medicine at a leading educational institute. He has authored several chapters in a number of textbooks on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and delivered webinars and face to face lecturers on interpreting blood tests and clinical examination for over 5 years. Daniel is passionate about helping clinicians improve their knowledge so that they can get optimal outcomes for their clients.