Philosophy of Natural Medicine

with Daniel Roytas



Tuesday the 7th of February 2023, 6 PM AEST 

Duration: 1 hour (60 mins webinar + 30 mins Q & A)

CPE Hours: 1.5

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Philosophy of Natural Medicine


Students of Naturopathic Medicine are exposed to the principles and philosophy of natural medicine in the very early stages of their formal education. Despite this exposure, there seems to be little emphasis put on the importance of these principles anytime thereafter and are often quickly forgotten about. Alarmingly, there are also a number of fields that fall under the umbrella of Naturopathy or Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) such as Nutritional Medicine, where students are never once exposed to these principles during their training.

It’s important for CAM practitioners not to forget about these principles, because they are after all, what makes Naturopathy such an effective and powerful healing modality. Our profession runs the risk of becoming “green pharmacists”, especially if we continue to lose touch with these principles in an effort to be completely aligned with the orthodox “evidence-based medicine” model.

This webinar aims to;  

  1. Review Naturopathic philosophy and principles, and their importance in clinical practice
  2. Re-connect practitioners with the traditional understanding of human health and disease
  3. Help practitioners re-align with the fundamental underpinnings of Naturopathy
  4. Provide some practical strategies around how to re-introduce traditional knowledge in to modern day clinical practice

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Daniel Roytas MHSc (Nutrition), BHSc (Naturopathy), Dip. CH&AP, Dip. RM

Daniel is a naturopath, nutritionist and physical therapist with over 10 years clinical experience. He was a senior lecturer at many of Australia's leading natural medicine colleges and Universities in nutritional medicine for over 10 years. He has authored several chapters in a number of textbooks on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and delivered webinars and face to face lecturers on interpreting blood tests and clinical examination for over 5 years. Daniel is passionate about helping clinicians improve their knowledge so that they can get optimal outcomes for their clients.