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Does Mould Cause Disease? Webinar For Practitioners & General Interest

Does mould cause disease?
I’ve spent the last decade educating students and clinicians at universities and colleges around Australia, that it does.

Since the devastating floods that ravaged the east coast of Australia in early 2021, I’ve seen more and more fear mongering in the media about mould related illness, and now its almost like a full scale war is being waged against mould.

This didn’t really sit well with me. Now I’m an inquisitive guy, so I thought, if I’m going to continue teaching people about this, I better be sure mould really is to blame.

Well, since taking a deep dive in to this topic, I have to admit, that I was wrong. I don’t think mould is to blame.

Now before you freak out, I’m not saying that people living or working in water damaged buildings aren’t getting sick. It’s obvious they are. What I am saying, is that there’s another completely logical explanation as to why people are getting sick.

In this webinar presentation (recorded), I'll explain why mould probably doesn’t cause disease.

I’ll explain why and how we have confused mould as the cause of the problem, when it’s more than likely the answer to it.

I’ll provide some alternative explanations as to what mould is really doing in water damaged homes and offices.

You'll hear what I think is actually making people sick in mould infested buildings

And I'll offer some practical strategies on how to reduce the risk of becoming ill from living or working in a water damaged homes and what we should really be focusing on to recover from what most people call “mould related illness”

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