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The Humanley Podcast Episode 69


Episode 69: Dr. Ali Ajaz - You Don't Need a Medical Degree to See the Truth

Dr Ajaz graduated from Guy’s, King’s & St Thomas’s School of Medicine in London (UK) and has spent the best part of the last 20 years working in mental health. He qualified as a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and also has a keen interest in medical education. He has held an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer role for the past 10 years at Queen Mary University London, where he is also currently completing a research degree (MD Res) looking at the relationship between extremist behaviour and mental illness.

In this episode, Dr. Ajaz shares his perspective on the pandemic, injections, the government response, and why the field of medicine may not be able to recover the trust of the general public. We also talk about psychiatric medicine, the cause of conditions like depression and anxiety, the lack of evidence supporting the use of anti-depressant medications and how he helps his...
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The Humanley Podcast Episode 38


Episode 38: Dr. Andrew Kaufman - Exposing Germ Theory

Dr. Andrew Kaufman joins me to talk about the science (or lack of science) around germ theory. We take a deep dive in to the experiments that were done failing to prove contagion, the false narrative around the current pandemic, the inconsistencies surrounding virus isolation, what really causes disease, terrain theory, how we can heal our bodies and the role of vaccines in the modern day. Dr. Kaufman has played a pivotal role in my journey to understand that germs do not cause disease and it was an absolute pleasure speaking with him. 

Dr. Andrew Kaufman holds a Bachelor of Microbiology from MIT and a degree in medicine from Duke University. He began his medical career as a physicians assistant and then went back to medical school to complete his medical degree, followed by a fellowship in forensic psychiatry. He has held a number of positions including Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Duke University, expert witness as a...

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