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The Humanley Podcast Episode 65


Episode 65: Dr. Nadia Hamade-Saad - Do Viruses Facilitate Healing?

Dr. Nadia Hamade-Saad MD, PhD is an Integral Medicine Doctor who specializes in detoxification, acute and chronic disease management, and energy medicine. With over 20 years experience in conventional medicine, Dr. Hamade-Saad has expanded her knowledge in the realm of holistic healing to bridge the gap between mainstream disease management and quantum healing.

Dr. Hamade-Saad recently completed her PhD dissertation titled "Viruses May Be Endogenously Generated Adaptive Messenger Particles That Facilitate Healing". In this episode of the Humanley podcast, Dr. Hamade-Saad joins me to discuss her dissertation, why viruses are not the cause of disease and might actually be a part of the healing response, the lack of scientific evidence supporting germ theory, her journey of discovery in to terrain theory and much more.  

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