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The Humanley Podcast Episode 40


Episode 40: Paul Hellier - The Fair Food Forager

Paul Hellier is the Founder and CEO of Fair Food Forager and the Co-Founder of the Peloton Against Plastic. An
 ocean lifeguard turned environmental scientist, who specialised in coastal processes and natural area management. In 2015 he founded the tech start up, fair food forager. The only mobile app in the world (26 countries) dedicated to sustainability in the food system with its own ethical social media. The app crowd sources; farmers markets, co-ops, cafes, bulk-foods stores and restaurants that are reducing their impact on the planet according to the apps 18 sustainability categories. Fair Food Forager also has its own podcast focusing on health, wellness and connecting to nature. In 2018 Paul teamed up with Jamie Lepre to film and produce the award winning documentary, the Peloton Against Plastic, a light hearted documentary on making a difference, travel and good times.

Paul joins me to talk about his perspectives on the...

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