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The Humanley Podcast Episode 17


Episode 17 - Emrys Goldsworthy

Emrys Goldsworthy is a musculoskeletal therapist and functional medicine practitioner with a special interest in the assessment and treatment of the nervous system. Emrys has developed a ground breaking method known as the "Goldsworthy Method", a sophisticated method of assessing and treating the vagus nerve to achieve optimal health outcomes for his patients. He also teaches this method to clinicians across the world in his course the "Vagal Complex". Emrys joins me to discuss his method in greater detail, as well as the importance of considering the limbic system when correcting HPA axis dysfunction. 

He has over 14 years clinical and lecturing experience and currently treats clients at his clinic "Athletica Physical Health". 

To find out more about Emrys, please visit his website;

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