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The Humanley Podcast Episode 51


Episode 51: Pete Evans - Talking Truth

Pete Evans is well known in Australia as a celebrity chef, who has boldly spoken out against many political, societal and health issues since 2020. This is Pete's second appearance on the Humanley podcast and it was such a pleasure to speak with him once again. Pete is such an amazing human being and is always so gracious with his time. I literally contacted him the night before and he was willing to come on the show the very next morning. 

In this podcast we talk about censorship, Pete losing his platforms which had over 2 million followers, the jab rollout, his experience after the mandates were lifted, his podcast and documentaries on his platform Evolve Network, ketogenic diets and the importance of eating nose to tail, sustainable and regenerative farming, his experience travelling around Australia as a free man, the fall of main stream media, and the importance of standing up in the face of adversity. 

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