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Raw Milk & Listeriosis, Where's The Evidence? Part 1

Written by Daniel Roytas (MHSc Human Nutrition), BHSc (Naturopathy), Dip. RM

When I mention to people that I am doing a raw milk fast, their immediate reaction is, “That’s so dangerous, you could get sick from listeria and die”. Naturally, I wanted to dig deeper in to the scientific evidence supporting the theory that listeria is the cause of disease.

Listeria (L. monocytogenes) is said to be the bacteria responsible for causing food poisoning (listeriosis) from the consumption of contaminated raw dairy products. The symptoms of listeriosis range from no symptoms at all (asymptomatic), to a severe infection resulting in diarrhoea, fever and in extreme causes, septicaemia and even death. To prevent listeriosis, raw dairy products are required to be Pasteurised, which is the process of heating milk to a temperature of approximately 65°C for 30 minutes, or temperatures above 90°C for just a few seconds1. It’s important to note that just because milk has...

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30 Day Raw Milk Fast

30 Day Raw Milk Fast

Over the last 5 years, I have been healing myself from a chronic disease, that my doctors told me was "incurable". During this time I have tried many different dietary therapies to heal my body such as water fasting, ketogenic diets, carnivore diets, fruitarian diets, urine fasting (yes you read that right), OMAD (one meal a day), and various different types of supplementation. I have also tried many different physical therapies and mind based therapies as well. It has been a long, hard road, full of trial and error, finding out what does work and what doesn't work. In the early days, I felt completely hopeless and wasn't sure if I would ever recover. Fast forward to the present day and I am now 95% healed. 

One day about 12 months ago, I was sitting in the waiting room of a friends clinic and a copy of the book "Milk Diet As A Remedy For Chronic Disease" written by Charles Sanford Porter M.D in 1916. As I began reading this book, I remember being intrigued...

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