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The Humanley Podcast Episode 27

Episode 27: Dr. Christine Houghton - The Supplement Dilemma

Can we really influence specific biochemical pathways with mega doses of single vitamins and minerals? Why have we forgotten about the food matrix and the synergistic effects of whole food, in favour of vitamin supplements? How can foods be more powerful at regulating cellular mechanisms compared to a single nutrient? Where did we start going wrong in natural medicine, why did we decide to move away from harnessing the power of food as medicine and start relying on synthetic nutritional supplements?

Dr Christine Houghton holds a PhD in Nutrigenomics and a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Queensland as well as a Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition from Deakin University in Victoria. She is a registered Nutritionist and Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Science at the University of Queensland. Christine founded the Brisbane company, Cell-Logic which is focused toward the research and...

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The Humanley Podcast Episode 22

Episode 22: Ross Walter - Treat The Cause

Ross Walter is a naturopath and nutritionist, with a special interest in treating complex and chronic non-responding conditions. In this podcast, Ross joins me to talk about the principles of natural medicine, including the importance of identifying and treating the cause of our clients health concerns. We discuss various strategies to develop a thorough picture of a clients overall health, including physical examination, pathology and functional testing. Ross and I also discuss the current state of the profession, the sickness model VS the wellness model, the risk of naturopaths practicing "green pharmacy", the benefits of food as medicine VS supplementation and a range of other interesting topics.   

Find out more about Ross Walter here;

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