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The Humanley Podcast Episode 46


Episode 46: Special Edition - Professor's Round Table - The False Pandemic

In this special round table episode, Professor Igor Khmelinskii, Professor Leslie Woodcock and Professor Peter Stallinga from the University of Algarve (Portugal), join me to discuss their most recent paper titled "Role of exosomes in false-positive covid-19 PCR tests". They argue that because the Sars-CoV-2 virus has never been isolated, the PCR tests are inaccurate as they may detect our own genetic material (exosomes), giving rise to a false-positive testing pandemic. The paper was rejected for publication by the Lancet and has been downloaded more than one hundred thousand times from ResearchGate in a week (the average number of downloads for most scientific papers is about ten per week).

Read the authors paper titled "Role of exosomes in false-positive covid-19 PCR tests" published ResearchGate in November 2021 here

Read another paper by the same authors titled "Science in the times of Covid, an...

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What Really Makes Us Sick? The Terrain or the Germ? Part II


In part I of “What Really Makes Us Sick? The Terrain or the Germ?”, we discussed the history of the germ and terrain theory, as well as some of the foundational principles of the terrain theory. In part II, we will introduce the concept of pleomorphism and explore some alternative reasons why we actually become sick. If you haven’t already read part I of this blog, it is important to do so, to be able to understand the topics discussed part II.

Monomorphism VS Pleomorphism

When Louis Pasteur proposed the germ theory in the 1850’s, he was convinced that all micro-organisms, such as bacteria had a definite and unalterable function, a fixed size and shape and that they were derived from an identical cell of the same lineage1. He argued that each pathogenic species of bacteria caused one specific disease and that they must be ‘caught’ from our external environment1. According to Pasteur, bacteria with these specific characteristics have...

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What Really Makes Us Sick? The Terrain or the Germ? Part I

Terrain Theory: The Basis of Naturopathic Medicine 

When I went through my training in complementary medicine around 2007, I was in one of the last cohorts of students taught about two theories of disease; ‘Germ Theory’ and ‘Terrain Theory’. At the time, I paid little attention to the importance of what I was being taught about the terrain, due to the assumption that it was ‘old, redundant and disproven science’. It seems that since 2007, terrain theory, which is one of the fundamental underpinnings of 'the old guard' of complementary medicine philosophy and practice, has been lost. It is no longer mentioned anywhere in the curriculum of any Australian based complementary medicine course that I am aware of. This has occurred, in part, from an unprecedented push towards evidence-based medicine, and the slow dilution of traditional evidence-based practice. This is not to say that one is better than the other. It is likely that in order for...

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