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The Humanley Podcast Episode 28


Episode 28: Paul Leendertse - The Root Cause of "C"

Paul Leendertse (BSc Kinesiology), is a holistic lifestyle coach and author of the book "The Root Cause of Cancer - How to Begin Healing from Within". Paul has been helping his clients identify and resolve a number of chronic health conditions for over 10 years.

Eight years ago, he began working with his first terminally ill patient, who is still alive and well today. His work is now focused around helping people with cancer in a one on one setting. Paul has a unique approach to healing, which is focused around helping his clients identify and overcome the root cause of their disease, one of which is the accumulation of chronic stress.

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For more information about Paul Leendertse and his clinical work at the Wheel of Life please visit his website;

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