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The Humanley Podcast Episode 63


Episode 63: Dr. Natasha Litbarg - Taking a Stand

Dr. Natasha Litbarg was at the top of her field, working as an attending nephrologist, researcher and educator. Then everything changed in early 2020, when she realised something was not quite right with the pandemic response. After discovering that there were some fundamental, irreconcilable issues with germ theory and medicine in general, she was faced with making a number of tough decisions. This ultimately led to Dr. Litbarg no longer practicing conventional medicine. In this podcast, Dr. Litbarg shares her incredible story about taking a stand in the face of adversity.

Natasha (Natalia) Litbarg obtained an equivalent of a masters degree in Physics from Moscow State University (USSR) in 1989 and worked in a research laboratory. She immigrated to the United States from the USSR in 1990 and started working in the Immunology Research laboratory as a technician in 1991 after settling in Chicago.

She became a laboratory assistant in 1994 and entered Rush Medical College in Chicago the same year. Upon graduating with MD in 1999 she completed Internal Medicine Residency and Nephrology fellowship by 2004 at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

She worked as a Nephrology Attending at Loyola University in Maywood and Hines Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital for 4 years providing clinical and teaching services. She subsequently returned to the University of Illinois at Chicago and Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in 2008 as an attending physician. In addition to her clinical and teaching responsibilities she had an experience of running a small research laboratory for about 5 years.

Natasha became interested in alternative modalities of healing and studied Ayurveda, Yoga, Reiki, Thai massage and Healing Touch.

In 2022 Natasha lost her employment at both institutions due to her objections to COVID19 policies. Since 2020 she has learnt a lot about inherent problems with conventional Western medicine and is no longer willing to practice it.

She currently resides in Western Colorado close to her family and is looking to reinvent herself as a natural health provider.

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