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The Humanley Podcast Episode 60


Episode 60: Dr. Thomas Dykstra - Entomologist Explains Why Insects Don't Attack Healthy Plants

Entomologist, Dr. Thomas Dykstra, eloquently explains terrain theory, but from the perspective of plants and insects. 

Most people assume that insects randomly attack any and all plants, and that their main focus in life, is to make farmers and gardeners lives hard, by wreaking havoc amongst crops and gardens, but this couldn't be further from the truth. In this podcast, Entomologist, Dr. Thomas Dykstra explains why insects aren't there to cause problems, but are actually the answer to the problem.

In simple terms, plants become unhealthy first, then insects come along to return the unhealthy plant back to the earth, because the plant is no longer viable. Insects also consume toxic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and convert them in to less toxic substances that other organisms in nature can utilise for their survival.

Parallel's can be drawn between insects and plants and germs and the human body. That is, the body's tissue becomes diseased first and then the germs come along to clean up the mess. 

Dr. Dykstra received his B.S. in entomology from Cornell University in 1990. He traveled down to the University of Florida and received his M.S. in entomology (1994) and investigated the neurophysiology of pheromone production in moths. Continuing at the University of Florida, he received a Ph.D. in insect bioelectromagnetics under Dr. Philip S. Callahan in 1997.

Immediately following his degree, Dr. Dykstra started his own laboratory (Dykstra Laboratories, Inc.) in 1997 which more broadly investigates bioelectromagnetics ranging from bacteria to humans. Predominantly, he studies insect olfaction (how insects smell) from the standpoint of bioelectromagnetics and has developed a new theory based on the fusion of biophysics and neurophysiology.

Dr. Dykstra has traveled all over the United States as well as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom giving scientific presentations and/or attending scientific conferences. He also gives presentations to local schools and has been the honorary speaker at three science museums.

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