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The Humanley Podcast Episode 56


Episode 56: Dr. Grayson Dart - Rethinking The Standard of Care

Dr. Grayson Dart is a family doctor, who has recently completed his residency and is now working in clinical practice with Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Dr. Dart began questioning all things health, when he was taught by his professors that asthma was incurable and the symptoms could only ever be managed. This conflicted with Dr. Dart's own personal experience, as he had successfully reversed his own chronic, debilitating asthma through dietary and lifestyle change. This experience left Dr. Dart feeling very conflicted and lead him to begin questioning whether the same could be applied to other disease. By the time he had graduated, Dr. Dart had realised that medicine might actually be hurting people, more than it is helping. 

In this podcast, Dr. Grayson Dart and I discuss his journey through medical school, his struggle learning the dark side of medicine, how he reversed his own chronic disease, what really causes disease, the logic behind vaccines, why none of the patients he saw in medical school ever healed, germ theory, the limits of medicine in treating disease, the causes of disease and how to heal using simple and effective natural healing therapies. 

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Disclaimer: This podcast is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute as health advice and does not take the place of consulting with your primary health care practitioner. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the guest speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Humanley, the presenter or any other entities or third parties associated with Humanley or the presenter. The right to freedom of opinion is the right to hold opinions without interference, and cannot be subject to any exception or restriction. We encourage the audience to use their critical judgement and use due diligence when interpreting the information and topics discussed in this podcast.



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