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30 Day Raw Milk Fast

30 Day Raw Milk Fast

Over the last 5 years, I have been healing myself from a chronic disease, that my doctors told me was "incurable". During this time I have tried many different dietary therapies to heal my body such as water fasting, ketogenic diets, carnivore diets, fruitarian diets, urine fasting (yes you read that right), OMAD (one meal a day), and various different types of supplementation. I have also tried many different physical therapies and mind based therapies as well. It has been a long, hard road, full of trial and error, finding out what does work and what doesn't work. In the early days, I felt completely hopeless and wasn't sure if I would ever recover. Fast forward to the present day and I am now 95% healed. 

One day about 12 months ago, I was sitting in the waiting room of a friends clinic and a copy of the book "Milk Diet As A Remedy For Chronic Disease" written by Charles Sanford Porter M.D in 1916. As I began reading this book, I remember being intrigued by the thousands upon thousands of people Dr. Porter was curing more than 100 years ago, using a specific method of bed rest, raw milk and warm baths amongst other things.

As a nutritionist and naturopath, I was surprised by what I was reading, because I was always trained that raw milk was very dangerous to human health and should not be consumed. It's probably also important to mention that the sale of raw milk in Australia for consumption is illegal, however it is still sold for cosmetic purposes. Seeing as I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, I decided that I would try a modified version of Dr. Porter's raw milk diet. Both myself and my fiancé consumed only raw milk for 7 days and we both benefited greatly from it.

I recently re-read Dr. Porters book and it inspired me to once again, undertake a raw milk fast once again, but this time, for 30 days. As I am consuming milk, it's not really a fast. I was going to call it a 30 day raw milk diet, but I find the word "diet" has a negative connotation associated with it.

This Monday, the 7th of February, I will be commencing a raw milk fast for 30 days and documenting the effects that it has on my health. I will be assessing the physical, emotional and biochemical effects that it has on my body. I will be taking baseline blood tests on day 1 and then again at day 30, a comprehensive body composition analysis and recording my experience here on my blog. 

I will also be writing about the health effects of raw milk, pasteurisation and homogenisation, interviewing raw milk enthusiasts from around the world and sharing my story and other information with short videos. So if you are interested, please stay tuned and follow this blog.   

*Warning* - The sale of raw milk for consumption in Australia is illegal. I am in no way, shape or form recommending or promoting that anyone consumes raw milk or raw milk products. This is an experiment that I am conducting on myself at my own risk, for my own personal learning, growth and experience. 

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